ATG_Tech Google Group

27 11 2007

For those ATG developers out there craving to keep in touch with other developers like yourself here’s a great resource. A google group called ATG_Tech was formed not so long ago to serve as a discussion forum to all things related to ATG technology. A present there are over 200 active members including may present and former ATG employees.  We discuss everything related to ATG ranging from questions about deploying ATG applications on JBoss to the proper way to implement promotion rules using ATG Commerce. So head on over if you would like to partipate in the discussions.




4 responses

4 01 2008

Hey bud, thanks for pointing me to the ATG group on Google 🙂 .. I am new to ATG and it’s a great learning resource ..


8 03 2008
Andrea Hill

Yes, thanks for the recommendation. It’ll be great to have some more resources to turn to!

6 10 2009

Good to here this. There are many people like to learn about. But as its proprietery framework, information about ATG is not available. Could you please help me out to get the information on ATG architecture and flow of the architecture? It would be very appreciateable your time and effort. Thanks in advance.

9 10 2009

I’m not entirly sure there is that much public information like tutorials available. But there’s a growing community of interested people and resources out there.

You can find many of them at

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