2008 Predictions

1 01 2008

Happy New Year everyone! Since I seem to be seeing many posts these days about 2008 predictions I thought I might try my hand at this.  Here is a short list of trends and predictions I see for the year 2008.

Web 2.0

Web 2.0 technology will hit its stride this year with more and more web sites adopting various technology. The number of rich Internet applications on the net will increase this year. Many of them will employ AJAX technology but you’ll find many of the leading edge sites will employ flash based solutions. Also you’ll find many site providing RESTful web services for machine based interactions.

Web Analytics

You’ll see more companies looking at gathering and analyzing web analytics data. Most will try out Google Analytics because its free. But you’ll find others looking at commercial solutions from Coremetrics and Omniture. After about three months of use of these solutions you’ll find that many companies will either 1) not have the skill set to use the information effectively or 2) will be unsatisfied with the limited results. As a result you’ll also see companies asking the web analytics vendors for access to the raw data so that they can integrate it with offline and other marketing data from corporate data warehouses.  


Sun will release a new version of its popular programming language Java to the world. Sun will celebrate Javas’ 11th year in service! Engineers young and old alike wonder how long this can go on for and start to wonder if they’ll be programing in Java until retirement. Javas mascot Duke starting to show some grey hairs.

Red Sox

This one’s a sure thing. The Boston Red Sox win the World Series for a second straight year in a row.

Happy New Year!




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