5 Things to do with your ATG Data Warehouse

2 01 2009

ATG Customer Intelligence offers a multitude of great features for business reporting and analytics but the real prize isn’t with all the tools it ships with but with the information that lives in your ATG data warehouse. There are so many things that you could be doing with that data. Here’s just a few ideas to get you thinking this year.

Build a Better Dashboard

Unless you’re like me you can’t really expect that everyone will look at 20 different reports on a daily or weekly basis to get an understanding of how their business is doing. So put together a dashboard that combines all the pertinent information you want to know about your business on a daily/weekly basis. ATG Customer Intelligence contains all the tools you need to build such a dashboard. See the following  post for more details about building a better dashboard.

Performance Management

The data in the ATG data warehouse contains a lot of information about whats happening on your eCommerce site.  But how do you really know if your merchandising or marketing strategy is reaching their goals. That’s where performance management comes in. Performance management allows you to measure the business outcomes against stated goals.  All you need to do is supply the targets and then use ATG Customer Intelligence to track your progress against these goals.

Market Basket Analysis

I’ve posted about this before so I won’t go into too much detail about it here. Market basket analysis allows you to get a better understanding of what products sell well together.  It allows you to understand that the “Camel Pea Coat” sells extremely well with the “Wool Hat” and “Wool Mittens”. This technique is a great way to understand what items might cross-sell together. And it’s all back by concrete data and not just intuition.

Mine for Gold

If you’re a real data nut then you might try your hand at applying some data mining techniques to mine information from the data in the data warehouse. The market basket analysis technique mentioned above is actually one such technique that can be used to mine associations rules between products but many other techniques exist that allow you discover other types of information. For instance knowledge discovery techniques exist that will allow you segment your customer base. You could then turn around an use this information to build better customer segments and help improve your personalization efforts.

Analyze This!

Query studio is a tool that ships with ATG Customer Intelligence that allows to perform ad-hoc queries against data in the ATG data warehouse. This tool is great for those times that you want to explore a little. You might uncover something interesting during your explorations. I know I’ve found some really interesting facts using this tool such as gift boxes tend to sell more during the holidays. That’s probably not surprising but they were purchased by males 10x more then females on your typical clothing retailer site.  This is the type of stuff that you probably don’t have a report built to tell you this and just shows you how exploring a little can get you to better know your customer.




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