ATG Business Intelligence and Analytics – Catalyst Asset

10 03 2010

Recently I’ve been working on a catalyst asset to demonstrate the business intelligence capabilities of ATG Customer Intelligence (ACI) called the ATG Business Intelligence and Analytics module. Actually there are a number of features included in this catalyst asset that aren’t currently part of the product. I’ve listed some of them below.

  • Unified metadata model allowing the authoring of query/reports across platform, commerce, search and service center data.
  • Over 50+ predefined calculations available for report authors to use. Smart data sorting and formatting.
  • Three performance management dashboards. Discover ‘how’ the business performing at a glance.
    • Sale Performance Dashboard: Analyze multi-channel sales
    • Product Performance Dashboard: Merchandizing analysis of product performance, including customer profile and co-buys (market-basket analysis).
    • Site Performance Dashboard: Analyze traffic, search and conversion data
  • Two reporting packages available to author report with.
    • ATG (Query):  Author reports or ad-hoc queries using simple query interface
    • ATG (Analysis): Perform advanced data analysis using dimensional query interface. Slice and dice data using dimensional functions and operations as if interacting with a data cube.
  • Easy to consume. Installs in minutes in existing ACI 9.1 environment.

The asset is available for download on the ATG Community site.




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