ATG Business Intelligence and Analytics – Screenshots

31 03 2010

Here are some screen shots of the ATG Business Intelligence and Analytics catalyst asset for those who would like to see some of the dashboards that are included in the asset. For detailed information about the asset and information on how to download this asset use the following link.

Each of these three  dashboards was developed using Report Studios professional authoring mode.  It probably took me more time thinking about what content to include on the dashboards then anything else. But once I knew what content made the most sense the development went rather smoothly. I guess it goes to show you that sometimes the hardest part of developing reports/dashboards is figuring out what content to include and how best to represent it (ie text, graph).

One of the other greatest things about using a tool like Report Studio is that you can rapidly develop a prototype for what you want to show and get immediate feedback. Then turn around and make adjustments to your design and get more feedback. In other words it a great tool to use for agile development. And thanks to all of you the provide valuable feedback!

One of my favorite things about these dashboard is the uses of conditional formatting to draw the consumers eye towards the problem areas. As you can see from the screen shots ones eye is immediately drawn to the ares which are under-performing because the format of the data is altered. Usually by changing the color. In someplace the color intensifies from yellow to a bright red as a function of  the change in magnitude of a particular KPI . You can see this in particular on the Sales Performance Dashboard for example.

And now the screen shots (click-to enlarge):

Sales Performance DashboardProduct Performance DashboardSite Performance Dashboard




2 responses

9 01 2011

Hello !

I wanted to test your catalyst asset, but unfortunately due to Oracle policy Catalyst assets are not available anymore one the community 😦

Is there any other location I could download your asset ?

Thank you very much 🙂


9 01 2011

Let me check and see when this asset will become available again. Otherwise I’ll see if there are alternative ways to redistribute it. Suggestions welcome. I’ll keep you posted,

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