About Me

Andrew Rickard
Architect Analytics and Business Intelligence, has been with ATG for over 10 years. His contributions include product development of ATG Portal and ATG Outreach, as well as various contributions to the ATG platform. Andrew’s current focus is on business intelligence and analytics. He currently leads development for ATG’s Customer Intelligence product.

Disclosure: I am currently employed by ATG. ATG makes software that powers many large eCommerce sites. I may sometimes express opinions about ATG, its customers, their websites and such. These opinions are my own.

Disclaimer: This is a personal weblog with no affiliation to ATG. The opinions expressed here are my own and those of the individuals posting comments. They do not necessarily represent the opinions of ATG or any other ATG employees. I am not compensated in any way for this blog by ATG or any other company.


4 responses

8 01 2009

Your article for Market basket analysis really helped me out, keep up the good work!

9 06 2009
Aniket Bhatnagar

Hi Andrew

Can you give some suggestions around ATG – Flex integration? A blog entry around this would be great!

12 08 2010

Do you have any ambitions to continue your entries concerning “Developing with ATG”?
It would be great!

12 08 2010

Perhaps one day I will continue. I remember that the next topic I was going to tackle was Repositories.

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